What is Your Response?

Published January 12, 2011

By Sobia Pervez

“Not equal is the good response and the bad response. You shall resort to the nicest possible response…” (Al-Quran, 41:34)

If someone does bad to you, be patient
If someone harms you, be forgiving
If someone behaves ignorantly, be forbearing
If someone deals harshly, be gentle
If someone withholds from you, be generous
If someone wrongs you, be just
If someone argues with you, be silent
If someone opposes you, be well-wishing
If someone dejects you, be optimistic
If someone accuses you, be honest
If someone proves you wrong, be humble
If someone makes a mistake, be merciful

“…Thus, the one who used to be your enemy, may become your best friend” (Al-Quran, 41:34).

Sobia PervezAuthor Sobia Pervez is a fulltime stay at home mother of three children and holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology.

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