34th ICNA Convention: Message from ICNA President

Published April 2, 2009

By Dr. Zahid Bukhari

Assalaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullah
Peace and Happiness be with you!

We are indeed thankful to Allah Almighty, Whose Mercy and Blessings have enabled us to hold our annual convention regularly.With the bottom of my heart, I welcome you all to our tenth ICNA-MAS and the 34th Annual ICNA Convention. During the last four decades of its existence, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has developed several institutions in the fields of dawah, tarbiyah, relief and social service. Alhamdulillah, the Annual Convention has itself become an institution, which not only reflect the growth of ICNA but also present the aspirations of the American Muslim community.

The theme of the convention, “Global Crisis – Islamic Solution,” is very significant and timely. The American Scholars are depicting the present financial crisis as the crisis of the century. The question is that weather only greed and lack of proper regulations are the main reasons for the meltdown or there are some fundamental contradictions in the liberal capitalist system that created the present crisis? Then there are other crisis too: destruction of the family structure, racism, economic disparity, global poverty, occupations, wars, terrorism and the use of religion for inflicting miseries upon others. It seems that the globe is in the crisis.

As Muslims, we firmly believe that human beings are in dire need of the Divine Guidance. Sincere obedience and worship of God establishes a strong relationship between man and his Creator and makes it a major and comprehensive source of solving all individual and global problems. How can we infuse the Divine Guidance in the governance of the human society in the 21st century? What would be the Islamic perspective in this regard? I am confidant that the eminent scholars in the convention will provide ample and thoughtful deliberations on these questions.

The program includes seminars and interactive workshops covering topics such as Outreach, Parenting, Family Issues, Spiritual Development, Civil Rights, Media Relations and sessions in various ethnic languages. A special Youth Conference is also being organized parallel to the convention. For Muslim children we also have specific programs under MCNA, Muslim Children of NorthAmerica.We are very grateful to our learned speakers, guests, volunteers of ICNAandMAS, and the local Muslim community of Hartford, CT. for their active participation. Thanks are also due to our friends in the media, law enforcement officials, the Bazaar vendors, and the convention center officials for their cooperation.

Finally, we would like to thank you, the participants, who have traveled long distances to attend the convention. May Allah (SWT) accept your efforts and sacrifices! We hope you’ll fully enjoy your stay here and will go back home safe and sound, enriched with improved knowledge and wisdom, fully motivated and determined to put into practice what you’ll learn here. I would also strongly urge you to become an active member of ICNA in your city and fulfill the duty of conveying the message of Islam to our neighbors in the larger society. May Allah (SWT) accept our humble efforts and bless us all. aameen.

Dr. Zahid BukhariAuthor Dr. Zahid H. Bukhari is Executive Director of the Center for Islam and Public Policy in the Washington, DC area. Previously, he served as the President of ICNA for two terms.

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